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Do you qualify for one of our scholarships?

High Achievers Scholarship

Here at Leeds Metropolitan we recognise and celebrate success. We're offering a High Achievers Scholarship to students who get A level grades ABB or equivalent. We know you will work hard to achieve these qualifications and this scholarship is an acknowledgement of your hard work and commitment.

Who is eligible?

Full-time undergraduates from the UK starting in 2014 who achieve three A level grades at ABB or equivalent, or equivalent qualifications.

How to apply

There's no need to complete an application form - if you have attained the necessary grades, your scholarship will be confirmed when you register for your course with us in September 2014.

How does it work?

Read our conditions for further information.

National Scholarship Programme

Leeds Metropolitan University is participating in the National Scholarship Programme (NSP) and will award 498 scholarships for 2014-15. The programme provides a financial support package designed to help students from low income families wishing to progress to Higher Education in England. The scholarships are jointly funded by the government and our University. This includes:

Year one

  • £1,000 cash payment
  • £2,000 worth of institutional services and support

Year two

  • £1,500 worth of institutional services and support

Year three

  • £1,500 worth of institutional services and support

Read our conditions for more information and to find out if you qualify.

Partnership Bursary

Leeds Metropolitan University encourages applications from students wishing to progress from partner schools and colleges. This year we have introduced our Partnership Bursary which is targeted at students who enrol from Associate Schools and Partner Colleges, who indicate we are their firm choice institution via the UCAS admissions process.

Read our conditions for further information.