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How to apply for one of our courses

How you apply depends on the course you choose and how you want to study it.

In most cases:

  • If you want to study full-time, you will apply through UCAS
  • If you want to study part-time or distance learning, you will apply directly to us

Whichever mode you choose, our online prospectus will direct you to the application form you need.

For ALL applications you will need our institution code which is: L27

When to apply

For full-time courses starting in September you will need to apply to UCAS between 1 September and 15 January.

We do accept late applications after 15 January, up to the 30 June, but we cannot guarantee that places will still be available for all courses. If you apply after 30 June, your application will be held for Clearing (see below).

For part-time courses, you apply directly to us. Some courses may have a specific date so check your course on the course finder before you apply. We recommend you apply early to give you the best chance of getting on the course you want. On the course finder, when you select part-time for your course, you will be directed to the application form you need – hit Apply Now.

UCAS Extra

What is Extra?

UCAS Extra is a free service which allows you to apply to any University as long as the course you apply for still has vacancies. Extra runs between 25 February and 2 July.

Who is eligible?

If UCAS Extra is available to you it will show up as a button when you log in to www.ucas.com to track your application.

How does it work?

If you’ve used all five choices on your UCAS application you might be able to apply through UCAS Extra for another course if:

  • you've received decisions from all five universities and colleges
  • you weren't accepted or you decided to decline the offers you received

If you didn't use all of your five choices you can add more in Track if:

  • it's before 30 June and you've not accepted or declined your existing offers
  • you originally only applied to one choice. You will need to pay the extra £11 in Track to add more choices

Log on to the UCAS website and use the search tool to find courses with Extra availability.


If you don't secure a place or you apply after 30 June, your application will be held for Clearing.

In 2014 Clearing starts on 14 August (A Level results day) and runs until the end of September. You can only apply to courses that still have places available. These courses will be published on the UCAS website on the day Clearing starts. You apply through UCAS and can apply to one course at a time.

Find more information about Clearing on our Clearing microsite.