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Facilities that bring your learning to life

An array of head-turning facilities make our University a fantastic place to learn – you could be creating tunes in our music studios, gaining hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art health facilities, or developing animated characters in our motion capture studio.

Film studios, production offices and edit suites

Our Northern Film School puts you at the centre of a vibrant and supportive community to help you create what you want, how you want it. We give you access to the latest production and editing software, so you can create and develop your films, work with performers and bring your ideas to life.

Our facilities include:

  • Animation studio with line testing facilities
  • Dedicated model animation studio
  • Props store
  • Film and script archive
  • Access to a variety of equipment – 16mm and digital HD cameras, gripping equipment like dolly, track, stands, reflectors and gels.
  • 16mm bolex and digital SLR cameras, light boxes and blue screen facilities with sound recording and mixing facilities
  • Some of the courses that use these facilities are Filmmaking and Animation

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Performing arts studio

Our open and spacious studios allow you to move and study the live art practices of theatre, dance and radio plays. With two main sites for developing your performances, you’ll have everything you need to become the next big thing.

Our facilities include:

  • Black box rehearsal and performance studios, equipped with theatre lighting and sound systems
  • Access to professional dance studios at Northern Ballet’s newly built Centre of Dance 
  • Use of standard audio and visual equipment, with portable DJ and VJ decks.

Some of the courses that use these facilities are Performance and Dance.

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Clinical skills suite

Our £1 million suite provides you with the latest facilities for a range of professions in health. From practising on patient simulators, to performing practical experiments – you’ll have the latest technology and equipment to get you ready for your chosen career.

Our facilities include:

  • Four skills and practice rooms that can be combined into two larger rooms
  • Two and three section couches, part task training models, wall bars and mobile steps
  • Cycle and rowing ergometers, gas analysis, body composition analyser and a range of anatomical models
  • Mobile hoist, short wave therapy unit, combined dual frequency ultrasound and data projectors
  • Furnished community living area with kitchen, living area and bed with ceiling hoist, emergency lifting cushion and bariatric chair
  • PEG feeding model and a range of adapted equipment to demonstrate rehabilitation activities
  • METI Man mannequin, with built in audio-visual equipment and specialist software
  • Video reviewing, critical care profiling bed, Dinamap, catheterisation models and defibrillator

Some of the courses that use these facilities are Adult Nursing, Mental Health NursingPhysiotherapy and Sports Therapy.

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Broadcasting Place studios and workshops

Show your creative flair in our light and airy studios. You’ll have all the space you need to work either by yourself or in your project groups, in an environment similar to a professional workplace. Our staff are located near the studios so you can get support and advice when you need it.

Our facilities include:

  • Parallel motion boards and flip top drawing boards 
  • PC and Mac desktops with the latest software and printers
  • Letterpress and printmaking workshops, photographic  darkrooms and a digital print unit
  • Animation workspaces and 3D construction facilities
  • Wide range of cameras, lighting, video and sound recording equipment
  • 3D printer and laser cutters for small scale digital models, housed in our impressive workshop which can be used for woodworking, metalworking, fabrication, plastic forming, vinyl moulding, glass reinforced plastics, welding, plasma cutting, model making and 3D sculptures 

Some of our courses that use these facilities are Graphic Arts & Design, Fine ArtInterior Architecture & Design, Architecture, Design Product, Landscape Architecture & Design, and Fashion.

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Music studios

Our specialist music studios will give you the tools to write, produce and record music the way you want – it’s an opportunity to hit the right notes in mixing your own tunes for music, games audio and TV. Take a look at what chart-toppers Rudimental have to say about our music studios.

Our facilities include:

  • Five recording studios, each with a control room, and live area with instruments and amps
  • 5.1 mixing facilities
  • Five additional fullyequipped programming/offline editing suites, each with its own booth
  • Audient ASP8024 consoles, Genelec, Dynaudio and Focal monitoring
  • Foley studio for recording sound effects and multi-speaker performance space of electro-acoustic and diffusion compositions
  • Studios equipped with Apple Macs, with software such as Protools 9, Logic Studio, Cubase, SX6, Native Instruments Kontakt 4 and Garritan Personal Orchestra

Some of the courses that use this facility are Music ProductionMusic Technology and Music Production & Performance

Music Studios

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Sports science laboratories

With our modern sports science laboratories, you’ll be able to record human movement, look at ways to improve and break performance barriers and investigate how important nutrition is for athletes.

Our facilities include:

  • Physiology laboratory
  • Biochemistry laboratory
  • Nutrition laboratory 
  • Biomechanics laboratory
  • Environmental chamber laboratory
  • Cardio-respiratory laboratory 
  • Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scanner 
  • AlterG anti-gravity treadmill

Courses which use some of these facilities include Sport & Exercise SciencePhysical Education and Sport, Physical Activity and Health.

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Biomedical laboratories

We have modern technology in our science laboratories that allows you to get under the microscope to investigate the subjects that excite you – from what makes humans tick to seeing how the food we eat keeps us alive and healthy. Some of the courses that use these facilities are Biomedical SciencesDietetics and Nutritional Health.

Our facilities include:

  • Brand new Dietetics/Nutrition kitchens
  • Food inspection laboratory
  • Psychology Lab
  • Recording and observation suite for speech therapy
  • New Biomedical research laboratory
  • A PHD suite with 20 hot desk stations, meeting room and self-contained kitchen facilities

Biomedical Labs

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Computing laboratories

From designing the latest computer games to developing innovative programmes and software, you’ll have all the technology you need to create new websites, mobile apps, 3D animation and more.

Our Headingley campus facilities include:

  • Dedicated computing labs running Oracle and Oracle Apex
  • Eight dual boot PC labs running Linux Red Hat and Windows
  • Two cell phone towers connected to the Leeds Met mobile network
  • Three network labs with an imaging system, so you can create and configure your own operating system
  • A range of networking systems and forensic analysis software
  • Games lab for capturing Wii and PS3 games footage
  • Eight specialist i-Mac labs running Windows and Mac OS X
  • A wide range of software suites, including Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Studio, 3Ds Max, Unreal Tournament and the Unreal Engine.
  • 24/7 lab access, 365 days a year
  • A vast array of equipment available to loan for free

Some of the courses that use these facilities are Computing, Business Information TechnologyComputer Animation & Visual Effects, Business Information Technology, Computer Forensics, Computer Forensics & Security,Food Engineering and Creative Media Technology.  

Our City campus computing laboratories include specialist software such as AutoDesk, Final Cut Pro and GIS.

Some of the courses that use these facilities are ArchitectureQuantity Surveying and Building Surveying.

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Building materials laboratory

Do you fancy helping to shape the world we live in? We can provide you with access to testing equipment for civil engineering, with digital control and monitoring available with most of our experimental systems with the laboratory.

Our facilities include:

  • Full scale structural element testing (typically reinforced concrete beams) up to 250 tonnes loading capacity
  • Model structures
  • Concrete beam production – mixing, casting and associated material strength and consistency testing
  • Extensive range of soil mechanics and highway engineering testing systems
  • Hydraulics – open channel flow apparatus and pump rig

Some courses that use these facilities are BEng Civil Engineering, BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering and HND Civil Engineering.

Building Materials

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Landscape Resource Centre

With bio diverse wildlife habitats, mature and freshly created experimental gardens - you’ll be able to gain valuable experience working with plants, planting design, ecology, environmental art and construction.

Our facilities include:

  • A large construction area for working with a range of landscape materials in-situ
  • Experimental gardens for planting design 
  • Native woodland, wildlife areas and ponds (with newts!)
  • Greenhouses and polytunnels 

The course that uses these facilities is Landscape Architecture and Design.

Mock law room

Slam the hammer down for justice and make your case in our realistic law court - an opportunity to practise your defence and prosecution skills. Our LLB Law course uses these facilities.

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