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Volunteering is a great way to give something back, learn new skills and travel to some amazing places.

We can give advice and practical help with course-based and extra-curricular volunteering. If you want to make new friends, gain transferable skills, and develop a CV that stands out, find out more.

Volunteering on your doorstep

Local schemes can range from helping school children with their reading to supporting a city or neighbourhood event. Fundraising, web development, business planning Ė our students have used their skills to help others.

Volunteering further afield

We run a number of international volunteering projects throughout the year. In 2011, volunteers from Leeds Metropolitan participated in projects in countries including Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Romania and Greece. As well as broadening your life skills, these projects will give you a global perspective and provide much needed support to communities in need across the world.

Visit our volunteering website.

CALM Volunteering

The†Studentsí Union also organises award-winning local community volunteering.†CALM (Community Action @ Leeds Metropolitan) is nationally recognised provider of student-led, social action volunteering. Through CALM you can develop your skills and abilities, contribute to the local community and have some fun along the way.

Festival Republic

Our dynamic partnership with Festival Republic†offers hundreds of opportunities for our students to develop experience and skills in a festival setting. During the 2011 festival season, over 250 students and alumni had behind-the-scenes experiences at Latitude, Leeds and Hove Festivals. Visit the†partnership volunteering website to see how you could get involved.

Find out more: Studentsí Union, Jobs & Careers service, Becoming a mentor

Carnegie Sport Volunteer Programme

Carnegie Sport Volunteer Programme

The Carnegie Sport Volunteer Programme is a great way to develop your personal and professional skills. Placements exist in a number of different areas, including coaching, sports science, umpiring, events management, PR & Marketing, and many more. You donít even have to be sporty to take part, and placements vary in terms of time commitment, so you can choose something that will suit your aims and lifestyle. For more information, please visit our sports volunteering page.