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What you’re helping to support

The Sagar Wright Scholarships seek to reward three talented, final year undergraduate students studying in our Faculty of Business & Law. Each scholarship generously carries a £1,000 award.
The Joseph Emmott Scholarships seek to reward ten talented, first year Leeds Metropolitan University undergraduates who attended secondary school in the city of Leeds and have been a resident in Leeds for at least five years.
These Scholarships are specifically aimed at helping newly graduated students to start-up their own businesses and support them through their first year of trading.
The Murray Scholarship seeks to reward five, talented, first year, undergraduate students who are studying courses in Leeds Business School or our School of Accounting & Finance.
Bright Futures Scholarships offer a life-line in the form of financial support to undergraduate students who might otherwise be unable to afford a university education.
The Get Ahead Team facilitates a programme of activities which seek to raise the motivation, aspiration and attainment of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
The Wilf Paish Athletics Bursaries were launched to support talented athletes in need of financial support to help them with training costs so that they may realise their full potential.
The Claire Mascall PR Prize is a annual prize for Public Relations students, the award was established in memory of one of the PR industry's most respected practitioners
The Bligh Scholarship will be launched in August 2012 following a generous donation from our alumnus Professor Donald Bligh. The award will be given to a 2nd year student who has excelled in their studies following their first year at university.
The Rushbond Arts Scholarship seeks to reward five, talented, first year and final year, undergraduate students who are studying courses in our School of Art, Architecture & Design.
The Jimi Heselden Excellence Scholarship seeks to reward 15, talented, first year, undergraduate students from East Leeds who are studying at Leeds Metropolitan University.
I donate in the hope that youngsters with similar backgrounds might have the opportunities I missed.
BA Management & Decision Making, 1993