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History and heritage

Our history stretches back to the 1700's

Pre medieval A stone coffin and stone slab discovered in Beckett Park drive, which are thought to be either Roman or Saxon.

1752 The Grange is built on the modern day site of Headingley Campus, and remains the oldest building on the site.

1824 Leeds Mechanics Institute is founded.

1845 Leeds College of Commerce is founded.

1846 Leeds College of Art is founded.

1868 Leeds Mechanics Institute becomes the Leeds Institute of Science, Art, and Literature.

1874 Yorkshire Training School of Cookery founded. (Renamed Yorkshire College of Education and Home Economics in 1966).

1883 Oscar Wilde is invited to visit the Grange.

1907 Winston Churchill, as guest of the Beckett family, stays at the Grange.

1907 The City of Leeds Training College is founded.

1912 The City of Leeds Training College moves to Beckett Park site.

1914 On declaration of war the College is commandeered by the Army and commissioned as the 2nd Northern Hospital.

1933 The Beckett Park campus is expanded with the creation of the Carnegie Physical Training College.

1968 The Carnegie Physical Training College merges with the City of Leeds Training College (by then renamed the City of Leeds College of Education).

1970 Leeds Polytechnic comes into existence, formed from the amalgamation of Leeds College of Technology, Leeds College of Commerce, part of Leeds College of Art, and Yorkshire College of Education and Home Economics.

1976 Leeds Polytechnic is enlarged with the addition of James Graham College, the City of Leeds College of Education, and the Carnegie Physical Training College.

1989 Leeds Polytechnic leaves the Leeds Local Education Authority (LEA), and becomes an independent Higher Education Corporation.

1992 Leeds Polytechnic is re-designated as a university, under the title Leeds Metropolitan University, with power to confer its own degrees and other awards.

2005 Beckett Park is renamed Headingley Campus.

2006 Headingley Campus is extended beyond the confines of Beckett Park to include the Carnegie stand at the Headingley Carnegie Rugby Stadium, which is opened by sports minister Richard Caborne.

2009 The iconic Rose Bowl is opened by the Duke of Kent.

2009 - The new home of the Faculty of Arts, Environment and Technology, Broadcasting Place is opened.

2010 Broadcasting Place is named the Best Tall Building in the World by the Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

2010 The Carnegie Pavilion is officially opened by celebrity chef James Martin.