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Corporate status

Leeds Metropolitan University is a higher education corporation, established on 01 April 1989 pursuant to the Education Reform Act 1988. It was granted taught and research degree awarding powers on 04 June 1992 and university status on 26 April 1993.

Constitutional documents

The University’s constitution comprises the Instrument and Articles of Government. Changes to the Instrument can only be made by Order of the Privy Council. Changes to the Articles can be made by the Board of Governors with the consent of the Privy Council.


The Board of Governors is the University's governing body and is responsible for exercising the powers of the University as defined in the Instrument and Articles of Government, the Education Reform Act 1988, and the Further and Higher Education Act 1992. The Board of Governors has a number of standing committees to oversee particular areas of business.

The Vice Chancellor is responsible for the leadership and management of the University, supported by the Corporate Management Team and a number of executive groups.

The Academic Board is the University's principal academic authority. Subject to the responsibilities of the Board of Governors and the Vice Chancellor, the Academic Board has oversight of quality assurance and enhancement; learning, teaching, and assessment; and research and scholarly activity. The Academic Board has a number of standing committees to oversee particular areas of business. Faculty Boards are responsible to the Academic Board for overseeing academic activities in each faculty.

Charitable status

The University is an exempt charity for the purposes of the Charities Act 2011. It is subject to charity law but is not required to register with the Charity Commission. The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) is designated as the 'Principal Regulator' for the institutions it funds and has a general duty to promote compliance with charity law.

The powers of the University, as defined in sub-section 124(1) of the Education Reform Act 1988, are '(a) to provide higher education; (b) to provide further education; (c) to carry out research and to publish the results of the research or any other material arising out of or connected with it in such manner as the corporation shall see fit'. These powers constitute the objects of the University. The charitable purpose of the University, as defined in the Charities Act 2011, is the advancement of education for the public benefit.

The members of the Board of Governors are the charity trustees in law. A register of the names of the trustees on 31 January each year together with a list of all other charities (if any) of which each trustee is then also a trustee, is published annually.

Finance & Taxation

The University’s financial year runs from 01 August to 31 July.  The University's group VAT registration number is GB 545 3728 31.  The University is partially exempt from VAT as a supplier of education and research.  By virtue of its charitable status, the University is exempt from corporation tax on its primary purpose activities.  The University’s audited consolidated financial statements are published annually.

Subsidiary Companies

The University undertakes non-primary purpose trading activities through its subsidiary companies:

  • Leeds Metropolitan University Enterprises Limited (registered company number 2369724)

Legal Name and Correspondence Address

The legal name of the corporation is Leeds Metropolitan University. Its principal place of business and address for correspondence is The Rose Bowl, City Campus, Leeds LS1 3HB.